Storage Northern Beaches

If you’re looking for the most secure and cost effective storage solutions in the Northern Beaches and the North Shore, you need look no further than Removalist Sydney Northern Beaches. With 20 years experience transporting and storing other people’s belongings, no one knows the ins and outs of Sydney storage quite like we do.

Why People Need Storage

There could be any number of reasons why you might need to take advantage of our Northern Beaches storage facilities. For example; although everyone hopes their move will go smoothly and to plan, the complex nature of property deals and negotiations may mean your new home isn’t actually ready for occupation at the same time as you are slated to leave your old house. Or perhaps you need to vacate your old premises sooner than anticipated. In this situation many people find themselves having to take a short-term rental property, which is far too small to accommodate all their belongings, or else they may even have to move into a hotel for a few weeks or even a few months. Not to worry though, if this happens Removalist Sydney Northern Beaches are here to lend a helping hand. We can collect everything you need to store and quickly transport it to one of our convenient local storage units in Cromer or Brookvale.


Sydney Home Renovations Can Create Storage Problems

If you are planning to redecorate or refurbish all or part of your home, it’s often very difficult to do the work with your furniture in place, as it can slow the job down, which can substantially add to your costs when using professional contractors to do the work. There is also the possibility that your items could be damaged by things like paint and dust, no matter how careful the workmen are. Electrical equipment, such as computers and audio systems, are particularly susceptible to problems caused by dust intrusion. So why not remove the risk and allow us to store your contents for the duration of the work? It is a cost-effective option and could save you a great deal of money and stress in the long run.

Students Require Cheap Storage Too

Students may also like to use our services for storing their things during those long summer holidays, or during gap years, or if they just need to vacate their rented apartments in the city. Because it’s a lot easier for us to look after their belongings for a months or three, rather than them have to sell them for next to nothing on Gumtree!

Let Us Do the Packing For You

If you really want to take the stress out of moving, let Removalist Sydney Northern Beaches pack everything up for you, and our backs, not yours, will take the strain. No need to hire your own van and rope reluctant friends and family in to help with the heavy lifting. Our team is expert in making all your belongings safe and secure for transportation and storage, using packing cartons, tea-chests, bubble-wrap and anything else needed to safely move things from A to B in our well-maintained trucks. Or, if you prefer, we can supply you with all you require to do the job yourself. Just visit our Box Shop in Brookvale and one of our friendly staff will help you out.

Cheap Storage Units on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Our four storage units in the Northern Beaches are all specifically designed and equipped for the secure and efficient long and short term storage of furniture and other household items. We ensure the units are kept scrupulously clean and well maintained at all times. There will be no chance of the elements seeping in through the roof and damaging your precious belongings! And, when your new or renovated home is ready for you to move in, we will deliver everything to the new address without you ever having to even come to the storage facility.

What Does Storage Cost?

Storage costs can vary, but as a rule of thumb we use a rising tariff based on a cubic metre charge per week with a minimum of $40 plus insurance premium (see below). There will also be a removalist fee, if you choose to use our service, of course and the cost of contents insurance to add on.

As an example, a typical 2-bedroom unit will be approximately 20 cubic meters, so the corresponding storage rate will be $70 per week. That’s it; no hidden charges no nasty surprises. Because we charge by volume not weight, we strongly advise you to carefully plan your packing, should you choose to do it yourself. In this way you will be able to compress the size of your consignment and keep storage costs as low as possible.

Insurance is a Must When Moving

We cannot stress enough the importance of insurance. So much so that we insist you take out at least minimum cover. Our storage containers are as safe and secure as we can reasonably make them, and our reputation is founded on our attention to detail and the care we always take with other people’s belongings. But accidents sometimes happen when you least expect them, and you need to have confidence in the fact that your contents are fully insured, just in case.

Removalist Sydney Northern Beaches is an authorised representative of Aldridge & Street, who are a licensed insurance broker (Australian Financial Licence 245658). Simply call our office to arrange a ‘Customer Goods in Transport and Storage’ policy. Alternatively, you are welcome to make your own arrangements but please ensure you use a reputable, licensed broker.

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Man and His Van storage Northern Beaches

One month of free storage when you move with Man and His Van

Man and His Van own and operate five Northern Beaches storage facilities. The buildings are equipped and designed for furniture storage. Goods in store are wrapped, protected and stowed in secure storage bays. Short term storage and long term storage is available.

Storage prices are very reasonable, particularly if you compare our prices against the numerous Self-Storage operations. We welcome short-term storage. Even better, we are currently offering one months’ free storage when your removalists are Man and His Van.

For further information, a quote, or to make a booking, contact Man and His Van Call: 02-9971 2140 or via email here.

Man & His Van Northern Beaches storage facilities

Store 30 is the latest furniture storage facility purchased by Man and His Van. This building is situated in Brookvale on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Man and His Van own and operate five storage depots in the local area.

Man and His Van Sydney’s Northern Beaches Storage fees

We base our storage charges on a cubic meter rate per week. We do have a minimum charge of $45 per week plus insurance.

For example, a typical 2 bedroom unit will be about 15 cubic meters so the corresponding storage rate will be $60 per week plus insurance.

Guide to Storage Rates

Storage Required Average home Fully furnished
1 bed unit $50 per week $63 per week
2 bed unit $63 per week $87 per week
3 Bed House $110 per week $150 per week
4 bed house $160 per week $225 per week

* a minimum insurance premium is additional

For firm pricing on furniture storage, including storage insurance, please refer to storage rates.

Storage Insurance

We require all customers to take out, at least, a minimum amount of storage insurance. Please refer to our insurance information page for further information.

Please note : although your goods are professionally stored in individual storage lockers, we are not self storage ie only Man and His Van can move the goods in and out of storage. Should access be required whilst the goods are in storage then a reasonable charge will apply.

For further information, a quote, or to make a booking, contact Man and His Van Call: 02-9971 2140 or via email here.

Do I need self-storage?

Usually not. Self-storage is designed more for people that need regular access to their goods, for example overspill stock from a Warringah Mall shop. Very few of our clients actually need self-storage. Furthermore, because of the high cost of self-storage, a unit will have to be so tightly packed, that even if access was needed, it would be a big undertaking to unstack the self-storage unit in order to access a particular box.

With Man and His Van storage access is limited but we find this suits most of our customers. They may need access for changing seasons ie finding ski gear or winter clothing. We do suggest that if access may be required, then mark the items clearly and we will be happy to stack these at the front of the unit.

Please make sure you know exactly where your passports are – we often have customers that have mistakenly packed their passports away into storage.