Removalists Seaforth Northern Beaches

  • The Removalist Job: 3 – 4 bedroom house, Seaforth to Mosman
  • Moving Date: October 2nd 2014.
  • Clients: Virginia.
  • Time Taken: 9 hours.
  • Moving Truck: Isuzu FRR and Isuzu NPR.
  • Weather: lovely warm spring day.
  • Removalist 1: Scott, who goes by the nickname of ‘Polar Bear’.  Has been with us for approximately 13 years and drives our biggest truck, the FSR 700, which is a huge removalist truck at 50 cubic meters! You will not find a more conscientious employee than Scott. An absolute perfectionist, we send Scott to all our top end work as he is incredibly thorough and diligent. Among other removalist jobs headed up for us, Scott has been our point-man for huge $100,000 Sydney removals for clients like Arthur Boyd & Brett Whitely.
  • Removalist 2: Tom. Tom’s a six foot 2 blonde Yorkshireman who may sound like Geoff Boycott’s illegitimate grandson, but he’s a deceptively pleasant fellow despite the occasional need for what he says to come with subtitles. Plus he’s got an easy way about him and a razor sharp wit (that he’s not afraid to use!). Oh, and when not lugging people’s furniture hither and yon, you’ll find him (and Matt) fishing at any of the Northern Beaches fantastic fishing spots.

Removalists Mosman

What a Beautiful Day for moving house this turned out to be. You’ve gotta love spring in Sydney!

After arriving at Virginia’s house in Seaforth we were greeted by the whole family who were only to eager to help. And, if that wasn’t enough, they’d also reserved a spot for one our moving trucks and had hot coffee and cold soft drinks for us. Nice!

When we walked into the property we must’ve looked like stunned mullets as the family was completely packed and extremely well organised. Which, as I’m sure you can appreciate, is a rarity in the the removalists industry. Virginia’s son Mac helped carry boxes all day (bare foot mind you!) and enjoyed a lot of banter with the lads on the trucks. Turns out Mac had actually traveled more than Yorkshire Tom even, but Virginia was looking for travel tips to the United Kingdom for New Years Eve, and Tom was only too happy to help out with some suggestions.

Once the trucks were loaded, Virginia Stayed in the Seaforth house to clean, and left us to do our work with clear instructions on where the goods should be placed in the their new Mosman home. Virginia was like a force of nature during the move, it has to be said, and more power to her, as it turns out she hadn’t slept for a two days due to packing and cleaning!

While we were unloading in the Mosman house, there were lots of fun verbals being tossed around between Mac and Tom (who are both mad rugby fans). Other shenanigans included Tom pretending to sit in a children’s chair to prove what a giant he was (pictured). Plus, in what must’ve been a world’s first in the moving industry, Virginias ex turned up to help unload the trucks once we got to Mosman! Yup…we had a good mind to call Ripley’s Believe it or Not at this point so this occurrence could be documented for future generations!

To top the day off Virginia was delighted to give away an antique child’s toy garage which she didn’t want to see go to the tip. Even though the day was not the easiest we all felt quite upbeat and positive at the end.

All in all a long 9 hour day passed quickly (despite the heat) and was a whole lot of fun, thanks to Virginia and Mac and co.

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