• The Removals Job: Frenchs Forest Rd, Seaforth to Northern Beaches Storage in Brookvale.
  • Moving Date: Friday 19th September 2014.
  • Client: Monica.
  • Time Taken: 7 hours.
  • Weather: mostly fine.
  • Removalist Vehicles: Isuzu NQR and Ute.
  • Removalist 1: Scott, who goes by the nickname of ‘Polar Bear’.  Has been with us for approximately 13 years and drives our biggest truck, the FSR 700, which is a huge removalist truck at 50 cubic meters! You will not find a more conscientious employee than Scott. An absolute perfectionist, we send Scott to all our top end work as he is incredibly thorough and diligent. Among other removalist jobs headed up for us, Scott has been our point-man for huge $100,000 Sydney removals for clients like Arthur Boyd & Brett Whitely.
  • Removalist 2:  Tom. Tom’s a six foot 2 blonde Yorkshireman who may sound like Geoff Boycott’s illegitimate grandson, but he’s a deceptively pleasant fellow despite the occasional need for what he says to come with subtitles. Plus he’s got an easy way about him and a razor sharp wit (that he’s not afraid to use!). Oh, and when not lugging people’s furniture hither and yon, you’ll find him (and Matt) fishing at any of the Northern Beaches fantastic fishing spots.
  • Removalist 3; Swedish Sam the Bearded Man! A really nice guy with a face that could scare small children and potted plants! But spend five minutes in his company and you’ll realise he has a heart of gold, and that you should never judge a book by its cover. Especially if the book is in Swedish!

Removalists Seaforth Northern Beaches

Today’s adventure was all about packing up a house in Seaforth and taking everything to our Brookvale storage depot.

We arrived bright and early at 6.55 am to a very busy Frenchs Forest road replete with ‘No Stopping’ signs and very little available parking. After going around the block a few times we decided the best course of action was to reverse into the sloping block with Scott hopping out to block the traffic so we could perform what was an admittedly tricky little maneuver. When on a job we always try to go out of our way to be respectful of the neighbours of the people we’re moving, and reversing in off the street was the only real way we could do this.

Removalist Seaforth Northern Beaches 1

Removalist Seaforth Northern Beaches 1

After successfully getting the vehicle part way in and off the road we met Monica’s niece’s partner, Dave, who advised us of the goods needing to be stored. The house itself was flat and old with only 2 steps to enter the building. But the slope of the ramp to the truck was exceedingly steep, with each heavy item (and the mountain of boxes) needing to be carried by both us. Dave was fairly organised with the various piles of goods in clumps dotted around the house and the garage was packed up and ready to go.

Moving was slower than normal due to the slightly muddy grounds and the climb up ‘Everest’ to stack the load, as well as the need to keep the house and truck as clean as we could. Everything went quite smoothly though, with the only hiccup being a fair bit of indecision over goods that were going, then not going and then going again. After we packed up the last item, which was a whiz bang Dyson vacuum cleaner, we locked the truck’s doors ready to depart only then to be told that, no, we do want the vacuum cleaner to stay after all!

Storage Northern Beaches

A short while into unloading back at the storage depot in Brookvale, Dave rang in and informed us he had forgotten to ask us to take the fridge – easily done, it was only a great big shiny double door Fisher & Pykel hiding in the middle of the kitchen! Anyway, rather than move the truck & pack away the ramps, which would have taken even longer, we happily cruised back to Seaforth in one of the company ute’s to pick the fridge to add to storage. By this stage, Scott’s vast moving experience was needed elsewhere on another removal job, and so Swedish Sam (pictured) came fresh off the bench to help finish unloading into store.

Removalist Seaforth Northern Beaches - Swedish Sam the Bearded Man!

Removalist Seaforth Northern Beaches – Swedish Sam the Bearded Man!

Tom (Woody) Harrison said he would take him under his wing and show him the intricacies of long term storage stacking – otherwise known in the trade as ‘How to Play Tetris’!

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