• The Removalist Job: Crescent Road, Newport to William Street, Avalon.
  • Moving Date: Friday 17th October 2014.
  • Client: Mark.
  • Time Taken: 11 Hours.
  • Moving Truck: Isuzu FSR 700 and Toyota HiLux Ute.
  • Weather: sunny with clear sky.
  • Removalist 1: Luke. Originally from Gisborne, New Zealand, but moved to Sydney over 25 years ago. Still an avid All Blacks fan (but there’s no accounting for taste!). Has collected a variety of boats, canoes & weird watercraft over the years, which only ever seem to get wet when it rains.  A huge dog lover , must walk 200 km’s every week what with removals and walking his beloved dogs.
  • Removalist 2: Tom. Tom’s a six foot 2 blonde Yorkshireman who may sound like Geoff Boycott’s illegitimate grandson, but he’s a deceptively pleasant fellow despite the occasional need for what he says to come with subtitles. Plus he’s got an easy way about him and a razor sharp wit (that he’s not afraid to use!). Oh, and when not lugging people’s furniture hither and yon, you’ll find him (and Matt) fishing at any of the Northern Beaches fantastic fishing spots.
Removalists Newport - Removalists Avalon 1

Removalists Newport – Removalists Avalon 1

Removalists Avalon

We knew we were in for a long day as we were heading up to Newport for a 7.30am start and settlement for the new property in Avalon wasn’t booked with the banks until 2.30 pm. Given we were moving an entire family home, which would take at least 3 hours just to unload (with good access), it didn’t look like we were going to be heading back to base until at least tea time. So needless to say Luke and Tom girded their loins for a solid slog of removalist work, as well as packing enough muesli bars, sandwiches, chicken and brown rice to sink a battleship!

The reason we were starting so early – at least 5 hours before the client took ownership of their new Avalon home – was largely predicated on the parking situation in this part of Newport.  Or rather the lack thereof. Crescent Road Newport is a winding, single carriageway which undulates up and down for ages, and – unless you can get off the road and into the property’s driveway – it is not at all conducive to parking several large removals trucks. And as there was no chance of getting into Mark’s driveway (the camber of the road and a couple of rather large palm trees put paid to that) we were going to have to ferry all of the Coopers’ furniture and belongings via ute to where we could safely park the truck, about 100 meters away in a side street at the bottom of the hill!

Which is another way of saying that we had to load and unload everything TWICE!

And people say being a removalist isn’t fun…

Removalists Newport - Removalists Avalon 2

Removalists Newport – Removalists Avalon 2

As it happens, the morning’s work passed without a hiccup, despite all the extra handling necessary to move each item.  We spent additional time plastic wrapping the light coloured lounges and everybody’s mattresses.  Mark, although excited about the move to leafy Avalon, couldn’t make his mind whether losing his swimming pool was curse or a blessing.  It would be a shame not to be able to cool off after work on a hot summers day, but certainly wasn’t going to miss the time, money and effort he spent maintaining it. (We suggested the rock pool at South Avalon wasn’t such a bad alternative, and would certainly be a lot cheaper).

We arrived at William Street in Avalon just before settlement and thought we would have 30 minutes to kill before the front door key turned up.  However, the road was lined with large gum trees and it took a lot of manoeuvring to reverse past all the new neighbours’ cars without nudging one of the eucalyptuses or setting off a car alarm! The last thing we wanted was one of their large limbs to fall on an unsuspecting BMW – not exactly the first impression Mark and family would be keen on making.  By the time we actually got the largest truck in our fleet to exactly where we wanted it and took the outdoor furniture and pot plants into the back garden, the real estate agent turned up with the keys and it was all hands to the pump!

The much improved access meant unloading the truck took half the time compared to Newport and before we knew it we were being rewarded with a case of Tasmania’s finest lager – James Boags – as a thank you for a job well done!

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