Removalists Manly to Freshwater (24.7.14)

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  • The Removals Job:  moving from Manly to Freshwater.
  • Moving Date: 24 July, 2014.
  • Client Name: Amanda.
  • Time Taken for the move: 4.5 hours.
  • Removals Truck: Isuzu NPR300 6.5 tonne.
  • Weather: Overcast but dry.
  • Removalist 1:  Tom. Tom’s a six foot 2 blonde Yorkshireman who may sound like Geoff Boycott’s illegitimate grandson, but he’s a deceptively pleasant fellow despite the occasional need for what he says to come with subtitles. Plus he’s got an easy way about him and a razor sharp wit (that he’s not afraid to use!). Oh, and when not lugging people’s furniture hither and yon, you’ll find him (and Matt) fishing at any of the Northern Beaches fantastic fishing spots.
  • Removalist 2: Juan. This was Juan’s first removals job after finishing his intensive training at the depot earlier in the week. A very nice guy and a real gentleman, Juan is originally from Columbia, loves his football, and for reasons best known to him, enjoys walking around with a bum bag circa 1988 style! (The lads are thinking of buying him a Boom-Box and some MC Hammer pants to complete the look!).
  • Removalist 3:  Matt. The man of a thousand nicknames. Goes by everything from Dave, Horse, Chat, and Eayore. Possibly the most charismatic depressive you’ve ever met, Matt is highly professional and a born perfectionist who takes his work very seriously. He’s also a mad Arsenal fan (but nobody is perfect!) and so understands disappointment better than most!
Removals Manly to Freshwater 1

Removals Manly to Freshwater 1

Removalist Freshwater – 24.7.14

We arrived at 7am and were met by Amanda at the Unit in Manly we were moving her from. It was a struggle to park the truck at first as it was a tiny street (so typical of Manly!), but after going around the block a few times we got lucky and bagged a great spot, right opposite the passage that led to the unit’s front door.

The passage to the unit was actually the first thing that struck us as we pulled up to the job, as it was incredibly tight! Being a Sydney removalist you tend to notice the access as it can have a huge bearing on the type of day you’re in for. And as soon as we saw how narrow this was we knew we were in for some fun and games, as steep or tight stairwells, steep driveways, narrow passages and narrow doorways are a removalist’s kryptonite!

Removals Manly to Freshwater 3

Removals Manly to Freshwater 3

Anyway, after parking and securing the truck we were greeted and shown round by Amanda and it quickly became clear that there would be a bit of packing to do, certainly in the kitchen. This was no problem of course, as we always carry spare packing boxes and materials on the truck, so we brought out what we needed and got stuck in with helping Amanda pack everything in the kitchen, taking special care with any breakables.

While Matt and Juan loaded the furniture onto the truck, Tom helped Amanda in the kitchen. During which time he packed away a ‘Food Dehydrator’, which he’d never seen before, and was fascinated by how they work (they extend the life of food). Because of this, Matt spent much of the afternoon taunting Tom that if he bought a food dehydrator his supply of ‘Black Pudding’ would likely last well into the next century!

The move itself took around 4.5 hours due to the tricky access (the fridge for example had to be passed over a fence!), the fact that there were still load of things to be packed when we arrived, and the fact there were LOTS OF STAIRS.

Once we’d unloaded at Freshwater Amanda went out of her way to thank us and tell us how professional we’d been. Even going so far as to say, “The lads from Man and His Van were the best removalists in NSW”. And you can’t ask for better customer feedback than that.

Removals Manly to Freshwater 4 - Exercise Matt!

Removals Manly to Freshwater 4 – Exercise Matt!

Juan was looking a bit shell-shocked on the way back to the depot (the first day on the job is always a struggle) so Tom and Matt cheered him by offering to rename the company “Juan and his Van” in honour of his doing such a great job and surviving the day!

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