• The Removalist Job: Fairlight to Fairlight.
  • Moving Date: Friday 10th October 2014.
  • Client: Bob.
  • Time Taken: 11 Hours.
  • Moving Truck: Mitsubishi Canter 4.5 tonne and Toyota HiLux Ute.
  • Weather: sunny with a lovely clear sky.
  • Removalist 1: The man of a thousand nicknames. Goes by everything from Dave, Horse, Chat, and Eayore. Possibly the most charismatic depressive you’ve ever met, Matt is highly professional and a born perfectionist who takes his work very seriously. He’s also a mad Arsenal fan (but nobody is perfect!) and so understands disappointment better than most!
  • Removalist 2: Tom. Tom’s a six foot 2 blonde Yorkshireman who may sound like Geoff Boycott’s illegitimate grandson, but he’s a deceptively pleasant fellow despite the occasional need for what he says to come with subtitles. Plus he’s got an easy way about him and a razor sharp wit (that he’s not afraid to use!). Oh, and when not lugging people’s furniture hither and yon, you’ll find him (and Matt) fishing at any of the Northern Beaches fantastic fishing spots.
Fairlight Removalists 1

Fairlight Removalists 1

Removalists Fairlight

When a client is only moving a few streets, or in this case, across the road and 50 meters away, alarm bells start to ring, because there is great temptation for the person moving to put a lot less effort into packing than if they are moving from, say, Cronulla in the Sutherland Shire to Palm Beach at the top of the Northern Beaches. Consequently, jobs tend to take longer, cost more, not go as smoothly as they should and generally end up a lot more demanding on everyone involved.  Well, you can imagine our delight when it became obvious that Bob had packed as if he was moving to the Moon and the space-shuttle left at 10 am sharp!

The home Bob was leaving was a 3 bedroom duplex with stunning, million dollar views facing East, out toward Sydney Harbour’s North Head and beyond. The beautiful October spring weather really did showcase Sydney harbour in all its glory with a plethora of yachts moored across Fairlight Bay.  All of Bob’s beds were dismantled & sat there ready to be moved, the washing machine was unplumbed and the fridge was empty. Bob had even lowered all the shelves in his numerous book cases to the bottom of each one, which lead to believe that Bob might have been a removalist in a past life he had done such an impressive job.

Anyway, because we were only moving Bob 50 meters across the road we decided not to use the small Mitsubishi truck we had brought with us and instead, do lots of trips in the Hi-Lux ute.  This enabled us to get very close at both ends.

When we took our first load of goods up to Bob’s new home Matt realised he had moved a South African family out of the same apartment several years ago. (This is a very weird form of deja vu we removalists get from time to time!).

Fairlight Removalists 2

Fairlight Removalists 2

Bob’s new home was another 3 bedroom home but was split over 2 levels, the upper one having an expansive, sun drenched entertaining area facing south with the same lovely views. Inside the new home, Bob had gone to the expense of having new beige carpets laid and so we took extra care not to walk any dirt in and were all of us grateful for the fine weather.

The last load we took over was all Bob’s pictures, art and sculptures. which included a peculiar, green, fish wall-hanging. With both of us spending large amounts of our spare time together on the banks of Narrabeen lagoon or near Fairlight swimming pool, this proved a good source of amusement for us, with Tom goading Matt over the size of his Green King Fish!

Fairlight Removalists 3

Fairlight Removalists 3

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