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  • The Removalist Job: 4 bedroom house, Elanora Heights to Warriewood
  • Date; Friday 22nd August 14
  • Client; Kristy Franks (& Val the Granma)
  • Length of job; 6 hours for 4 men
  • Trucks; Nissan UD and Izusu NPR300
  • Weather; Pissing down
  • Pictures; Attached
  • Removalist 1: Scott, who goes by the nickname of ‘Polar Bear’.  Has been with us for approximately 13 years and drives our biggest truck, the FSR 700, which is a huge removalist truck at 50 cubic meters! You will not find a more conscientious employee than Scott. An absolute perfectionist, we send Scott to all our top end work as he is incredibly thorough and diligent. Among other removalist jobs headed up for us, Scott has been our point-man for huge $100,000 Sydney removals for clients like Arthur Boyd & Brett Whitely.
  • Removalist 2: Luke. Originally from Gisborne, New Zealand, but moved to Sydney over 25 years ago. Still an avid All Blacks fan (but there’s no accounting for taste!). Has collected a variety of boats, canoes & weird watercraft over the years, which only ever seem to get wet when it rains.  A huge dog lover , must walk 200 km’s every week what with removals and walking his beloved dogs.
  • Removalist 3: Martin (Luke’s brother). Originally from Gisborn, New Zealand, Martin is a life-long All Black’s fan who enjoys listening to obscure punk music when he’s not lugging furniture. He’s also a very talented cartoonist who worked for Disney, Hanna Barbera and Catflap when he was younger.
  • Removalist 4: Nick. From Vancouver, Canada. 28 years young with a degree in mechanical engineering behind him. An outdoor enthusiast, he enjoys ice hockey (of course!) camping, climbing, mountain bike riding and chopping down trees wearing his favourite flannel check shirt while singing Monty Python’s ‘I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay…’. 
Removalists Elanora Heights - Removalists Warriewood 2

Removalists Elanora Heights – Removalists Warriewood 2

Removalists Warriewood

The day didn’t start out on the best note as torrential rain was falling up and down the northern beaches. However, troopers that we are, we headed out into the storm and pulled up at Kristy’s house in Elanora Heights about twenty minutes later. Upon arrival we got lucky and found some flat access and off street parking for both trucks, which were only a few meters from Kristy’s front door (which raised our our mood considerably!).

We were greeted at the gate by an incredibly well fed English bull mastiff dog that we suspected must’ve weighed more than each of the removalists (well, maybe not Scott…). Next we met Val, the spritely grandmother and Kristy, our client, and Kristy’s daughter who was getting ready to go to high school – three generations of ladies all living under the same roof and getting along famously. The youngest was particularly happy because they were moving to Honey Street in Warriewood and her favourite childhood character was Winnie the Poo!

Which way is Warriewood?

Winnie the Pooh and Warriewood too!

Moving in the rain is problematic on several levels, but we naturally did everything we could to keep the house Kristy was leaving and her furniture dry.  This included using several ramps to avoid the wet nature strip (pictured) and placing pads at each of the entrances.

Val was very well organised, with every item correctly labelled including her Mr Bean imitation car!

We loaded the large removals truck full of everything from the house and the smaller removals truck with everything from the garage (which worked really well, given the problems the weather was causing). 

Removalists Elanora Heights - Removalists Warriewood 1

Removalists Elanora Heights – Removalists Warriewood 1

At Kristy’s new home in Warriewood we made the effort to set up her garage so that it could be used straight away, which included re-stacking everything back on the bookshelves they had come from. Kristy was thrilled and commented that we must have been born to be removalists and that Val would be well pleased. Kristy also told how her previous removalists had just dumped everything wherever they liked and it had taken days for them to sort everything out!

Removalists Elanora Heights - Removalists Warriewood 3

Removalists Elanora Heights – Removalists Warriewood 3

When it came to finishing up and saying goodbye Val and Kristy were all smiles but said that they didn’t want to move again in a hurry – they were exhausted from all the preparation prior to the move and thankful it was all over.  Then, if genuine thanks weren’t enough thanks, Kristy and Val insisted on giving all four of the lads tips! Have to be happy with that!

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