Removalists Cromer to Mosman (9.8.14)

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  • The Removals Job:  moving from Artarmon to Mosmon (via temporary storage at our Northern Beaches Storage depot).
  • Moving Date: 9th August, 2014.
  • Client Name: Nichola (‘Nicky’).
  • Time Taken for the move: 6.5 hours (load only, Artarmon to Northern Beaches Storage depot see Removalists Artarmon for first part of the move) and 5.5 hours (from the Storage depot to Mosman).
  • Removals Trucks: Isuzu FSR 700 and Isuzu NPR300.
  • Weather: Foggy over the Spit bridge 1st thing, but brightened up a treat later on.
  • Removalist 1:  David, has been with Man & His Van for in excess of 10 years but not full time.  Absolutely loves big jobs, commutes from Baulkham Hills & so doesn’t like coming to work for 3 or 4 hours, laps up 10 to 12 hour days like a walk in the park.  Is a die hard Manly Sea Eagles fan, travels regularly to both home & away games yet had to miss their last Grand Final for a friend of his partners wedding – a source of much amusement for the rest of the Man & His Van gang.
  • Removalist 2, Andrea, one of our European contingent, hails from Italy and enjoys extreme sports. Can often be found up the Blue Mountains scaling some tough, sanstone cliff-faces on the weekend or down at Manly hitting the surf mid-week after work.  Was previously employed as a glazier, so is supremely comfortable handling large glass dining tables, mirrors, etc.
  • Removalist 3: Scott Mackenzie who goes by the nickname of ‘Polar Bear’.  Has been with us for approximately 13 years and drives our biggest truck, the FSR 700, which is a huge removalist truck at 50 cubic meters! You will not find a more conscientious employee than Scott. An absolute perfectionist, we send Scott to all our top end work as he is incredibly thorough and diligent. Among other removalist jobs headed up for us, Scott has been our point-man for huge $100,000 Sydney removals for clients like Arthur Boyd & Brett Whitely.
  • Removalist 4: Stephen Fairless. Has only been with Removalist Northern Beaches Sydney for approximately 6 months so is a complete newcomer compared to Scott! Worked for his father’s engineering company back in the North East of England and his practical, hands on background has turbo charged his removal skills.  Often needs a translator to interpret his thick, Geordie accent, and goes around calling anyone and everyone Joss (which is apparently northern English slang!).  A very positive worker, his happy disposition is the same after a tiny 3 hour job or a 13 hour extravaganza and, consequently, is very popular & ends up on lots of larger house moves.
Removalists Artarmon | Removalists Mosman 1

Removalists Artarmon | Removalists Mosman 1

Removalists Mosman

This is the second part of the Removalist Artarmon to Mosman move we did two days ago. Normally of course we would have taken the client’s belongings directly from Artarmon to Mosman. But in this case the client (Nicky) couldn’t move into her new Mosman home until two days after she’d moved out of her Artarmon house (on August 7), as the new house hadn’t settled yet, so we drove the two removals trucks back to our northern beaches storage depot in Cromer and kept them (and her belongings) secure for two days. Then (on August 9) we drove the trucks to Mosman to unload.

Upon arriving in Mosman, we backed the smaller removals truck into the driveway. Access to the property was good at this point as we were able to park out the front, so this helped get things started. There was a deck load of pots, kids bikes, a BBQ and a dining table to move off the truck first. And trust us when we say that picking up 30kg or more of empty concrete pot in the morning (before you’re really warmed up) is not exactly fun! Lift with your knees you might think? Lift with a forklift more like it!

Removalists Artarmon Removalists Mosman 2

Removalists Artarmon Removalists Mosman 2

Nicky had moved out of a bigger house to a smaller house, so 60 sqm of furniture and boxes were going to fill up her new terrace house very quickly, which meant we had to be very precise when we were unloading.

Scott and Dave took the BBQ straight out the back and plugged it in to the LPG socket. Then we got the NPR removals truck out of the way and we got stuck into the main event. The FSR removals truck was packed pretty tight which made everything a little more complicated to unload than we would’ve liked. The bed was toward the back of the truck and was a king size mattress, but not latex, so fortunately it wasn’t too heavy. Scott got out the front loader washing machine and put it in the laundry (and connected it for her).

The next door neighbours had to get out of their driveway at this point, so we had to move the truck while they got their car out. Not a lot of parking in this part of Mosman, so we had to move the NPR removals truck out of the way too. There was an attic above the hall way in the terrace house, so we loaded the 2nd bedroom with stuff that had been labeled to go ‘in the roof’’ (correct labelling of your boxes when moving house is vital). Computer desks, lounges, chairs (for the dining table) were all covered safely with the big blue pads. Once most of the furniture was in the house Scott and Steve worked with Nicky to position the furniture in the right places. The attic was a surprisingly big space which had been covered with timber for storage. There were some shelves to go up and the boxes from room 2. The good thing about having extra bodies on the job meant a daisy chain could be set up to get the boxes up in the attic, which sped things along nicely. Having all the boxes up in the attic meant the 50+ boxes downstairs could be spread out and accessed easily (making the unpacking process stress free for all concerned). Nicky’s family came around about this time and everybody chipped in unpacking the kitchen and pantry boxes. With the job completed, we asked Nicky if there was anything else she needed, and she asked for one of the big concrete pot plants that were in the front garden to be moved. David and Steve took it through the house for Nicky, were her Dad had found a good spot for it. The house was pretty well arranged by this stage (organized chaos as we like to call it!) and there was a flurry of box opening as we left. It looked to all the world that Nicky would be settled in very pretty quickly indeed. After a foggy start to the morning, it had turned into a beautiful day with clear blue skies and pleasant temperatures (for early August). After saying goodbye to Nicky, we drove the trucks back to the Northern Beaches a little after lunch time, grateful that this move had been split into two days (because it would’ve been a massive 12 hour job, had it all been done on the same day). Something Nicky was grateful for too, as she was able to face the unpacking process with a couple of good nights sleep behind her.

Removalists Testimonial Cromer to Mosman (by Nicky)

Hi Martin and Bob,

Just wanting to say thanks for your help with my move…the boys were great particularly Scott and Steven aka Oliver…who backed up for both days.  No breakages and everything done with minimum of fuss and good humour.

Thanks again, very Grateful!

regards Nicky

PS. will definitely be recommending to all and sundry.

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