Removalists Collaroy Northern Beaches

  • The Removalist Job: Collaroy to Beacon Hill.
  • Moving Date: Friday 30th October 2014.
  • Client: Stuart.
  • Time Taken: 4.25 Hours.
  • Moving Truck: Isuzu NQR450.
  • Weather: sunny with a lovely clear blue sky.
  • Removalist 1:  Matt. The man of a thousand nicknames. Goes by everything from Dave, Horse, Chat, and Eayore. Possibly the most charismatic depressive you’ve ever met, Matt is highly professional and a born perfectionist who takes his work very seriously. He’s also a mad Arsenal fan (but nobody is perfect!) and so understands disappointment better than most!
  • Removalist 2: Andrew. Although 28 years old, Andrew can pass as a teenager and is frequently asked for I.D if ever out in a licensed premises! A fitness fanatic he is often teased for his boyish good looks and his striking resemblance to England and Arsenal footballer, Theo Walcott!
Removalists Collaroy 1

Removalists Collaroy 1

Removalists Beacon Hill

This move had been estimated as 30 cubic meters, the equivalent of a small to average sized 3 bedroom house move, but after meeting Stuart first thing in the morning, and having a walk around his house in Collaroy, the job was clearly not as big as our office had expected. He had a few beds that needed disassembling and a rather large couch but apart from those few items, it was a very minimalistic move. After a bit of carful manoeuvring, we managed to get the truck parked up almost on top of Stuart’s front wall, which was only very low, which allowed us to drop the tailgate over the wall and set the walk up ramp nearly in his front door!

Stuart had to nip off to take his two little lads too kindergarten and left us to get on with the job. He wasn’t sure if he would make it back before we’d finished loading and so he also left the keys to his new home in Beacon Hll. As mentioned, the couch was our biggest challenge of the day and was too big to make the turn from the front door onto the patio. The only way the sofa would come out was to pass it over the balustrade so we set up plenty of pads to save any potential scuffing and walked it out over the balcony and into the front yard which was a small drop down.

Andrew pressed on with the numerous smaller carries and white goods that were coming with us, and Matt had a look at the beds that needed pulling apart. The two kids beds were identical and were just clipped together so didn’t require any tools. But Stuart’s master bed was a different kettle of fish and required the full use of our extensive tool kit to get stripped down. (Believe it or not, dismantling beds can be particularly tricky)

As expected, Stuart hadn’t made it back before the removalist truck was loaded, so we locked up both the house and the truck and made our way over to Beacon Hill. Stuart had given us a heads up that we probably wouldn’t be able to get the truck onto the driveway, but a quick inspection gave us no reason to give up. Our perseverance paid off, and getting the truck down the driveway saved us a good 10 to 15 metre walk and so, although things weren’t as good as at Collaroy, again we had what we considered good access and this saved Stuart a fair bit of time and money.

Because Stuart wasn’t with us we lacked a bit of direction with where the furniture would be going, so we started with the obvious stuff, fridge, washer etc, but then gave Stuart a quick call to see where he was. As it turned out, Stuart wasn’t going to make it to Beacon Hill at all as he’d been called into work.  Consequently, he gave us free license to put things wherever we thought was appropriate and we had fun pretending to be interior decorators!

After setting up the rooms in what looked to us to be a fairly standard layout, we pulled the front door shut and stashed the keys in a spot Stuart had told us would be safe and secure.

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