Removalists Brookvale to Sydney CBD (27.8.14)

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  • The Removalist Job:  A collection from St Vincent De Pauls & The Salvo’s in Brookvale with delivery to Sydney CBD (Pitt Street).
  • Date: 27/8/14.
  • Client: Jeanette.
  • Time Taken: 6 hours.
  • Truck:  4.5 tonne Mitsubishi (18 cubic meters, can be driven on car license).
  • Weather: Heavy Showers & Overcast.
  • Removalist 1: Matt. The man of a thousand nicknames. Goes by everything from Dave, Horse, Chat, and Eayore. Possibly the most charismatic depressive you’ve ever met, Matt is highly professional and a born perfectionist who takes his work very seriously. He’s also a mad Arsenal fan (but nobody is perfect!) and so understands disappointment better than most!
  • Removalist 2: Nick. From Vancouver, Canada. 28 years young with a degree in mechanical engineering behind him. An outdoor enthusiast, he enjoys ice hockey (of course!) camping, climbing, mountain bike riding and chopping down trees wearing his favourite flannel check shirt while singing Monty Python’s ‘I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay…’. 
Removalists Brookvale - Removalists Sydney CBD 1

Removalists Brookvale – Removalists Sydney CBD 1

Removalists Sydney CBD

When we first saw the removals run sheet for the day this job seemed a bit of an odd prospect as we were picking goods up from a couple of charity shops and dropping them off in the city rather than vice versa. When we first arrived at St Vincent de Pauls in Brookvale to meet the customer, Jeanette, there was a fair bit of confusion and difficulty with the Vinnies staff as they could not locate all of Jeanette’s goods from the docket she provided them. As such this left us a little short of information as to what furniture we should be taking in the truck. And as we had our smallest truck (the ‘little Mitsy’) this was a bit of a concern as the few pieces they had found were fairly large; and with a second unknown pickup later in the run, we started to get a bad feeling about how we were going to fit all the goods onto the truck!

We started to load the pieces of furniture that had been found, including a large dining suite and buffet, and by the time we had these on the truck all the remaining furniture had turned up. After a little chat with Jeanette about the second collection she put our minds at ease as she said we had collected the lion’s share of the furniture, and that a desk and lounge were the largest pieces left to collect from the Salvos.

After a very short drive around the corner to the Salvos however, it soon became apparent that Jeanette had omitted a few items that we were picking up and that bad feeling regarding truck space came back with a vengeance! The lounge in question for example, was a large 3 seater with matching armchair and she decided in the shop that a couple of red armchairs were also very fetching and purchased them on the spot!

Needless to say we had to use all our removalist know-how to try to get everything in the small removals truck. Which was pretty much on par with solving the Rubik’s cube for difficulty!

Still, we got it all in eventually (after a bit of double handling)  and headed off through the rain toward the Sydney CBD.

Sydney Removals

We had been advised earlier in the morning that we were taking the smaller truck specifically because of the loading dock area in the building we were offloading at. After parking temporarily to scout out the loading dock it became blatantly apparent there would be no issue driving into the loading dock at all, so we spoke with the concierge, and in we went and got set up as while waited for Jeanette to arrive.

The whole offload was going very smoothly as the concierge had locked off a lift specifically for our use, (which given we were on the 15th floor made life considerably easier!). That is until we came to the dreaded couch. On most removals jobs there is usually one item that the lads dread, because deep down they know it’s going to be problematic to move (due to size, weight or shape, etc). Our concern on this removals expedition to the Sydney CBD with that the couch (which was very large) would not fit in the lift. But – as it turned out – that was the least of our worries, because it went straight in. However when we got to the front door the trouble began, as the hallway from the front door went off at a 90 degree dog-leg and the unit hallway was much lower than the communal hallway. All of which meant we had very little room to manoeuvre and soon had to start some putting our collective thinking caps on! First off came the couch feet (with the use of Jeanette’s power screw gun) which got us closer but not close enough. Next we removed the ceiling panels from the unit for an extra few inch’s height, which still wasn’t enough. Which left us with the last option of taking the front door off its hinges! After all this and with a little bit of what we removalists like to call ‘gentle persuasion’, the couch finally got around the corner much to Jeanette’s delight!

After the drama with the couch the rest of the job went without a hitch and we even managed to get away through the Sydney CBD with minimal aggravation! (Sydney city is not the place you want to be driving a truck in the middle of a business day!).

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