Removalists Brookvale to Wollstonecraft (16.8.14)

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  • The Removals Job: Moving from storage in Brookvale to Wollstonecraft.
  • Date: 16th August 2014.
  • Client: Gareth.
  • Time: 4.5 hours.
  • Truck: Isuzu NQR.
  • Weather: HEAVY rain!
  • Removalist 1: Matt. The man of a thousand nicknames. Goes by everything from Dave, Horse, Chat, and Eayore. Possibly the most charismatic depressive you’ve ever met, Matt is highly professional and a born perfectionist who takes his work very seriously. He’s also a mad Arsenal fan (but nobody is perfect!) and so understands disappointment better than most!
  • Removalist 2: Andrea, one of our European contingent, hails from Italy and enjoys extreme sports. Can often be found up the Blue Mountains scaling some tough, sanstone cliff-faces on the weekend or down at Manly hitting the surf mid-week after work.  Was previously employed as a glazier, so is supremely comfortable handling large glass dining tables, mirrors, etc 
Storage Northern Beaches 1

Storage Northern Beaches 1

Removalists Wollstonecraft

Let’s be honest here, everyone loves repeat business. But this was the 3rd time we’ve moved Gareth (having previously moved him into storage 6 weeks ago and also having moved his apartment 18 months before that), so this time around we were joking that he should probably buy some shares in the company if he’s going to keep on coming back so often!

The weather for this move was terrible. Heavy rain and all trimmings of winter. But thankfully the first half of the job was completed in the dry as we were loading from our storage depot onto the trucks.

Removalists Wollstonecraft 1

Removalists Wollstonecraft 1

As we were familiar with what Gareth had in storage, we knew our removals skills would be tested to the limited due to his owning several awkward, heavy items that were difficult to get out from his apartment in the first place. So this time the access at the unload point would hold the key to whether we were going to have a good day or bad one. 

The drive to Wollstonecraft over Spit Bridge was slow in the wet weather, but Wollstonecraft is a very beautiful, leafy suburb on the lower north shore of Sydney, so even if the weather wasn’t exactly welcoming (to put it mildly!), driving though a picturesque suburb in the rain does bring with it a certain degree of pleasure. 

Wollstonecraft is an older suburb and has a lot of apartments, so we were half expecting to have to lug everything up flights of stairs during the unload. Upon arrival in Wollstonecraft however we were pleasantly surprised to find a single story house and good on-street parking.

We put out the obligatory traffic cones and went to find Gareth who was pleased to see a familiar face when we knocked on the door.  Gareth’s partner was very well organised and had prepared a floor plan for us to follow which meant we didn’t have to bother them too much and freed them up to get on with unpacking while we brought in the heavy stuff.

Removalists Wollstonecraft 2

Removalists Wollstonecraft 2

To our relief, the access into the new home was very good with double sliding doors at the rear and a big ranch slider into the dining room. And as it happened, most of Gareth’s furniture was being stored in one of the two spare granny flats in the back garden, but his large double door fridge / freezer and hardwood dining suite went in the house without any trouble thanks to the convenient access. Yes, sometimes the removal Gods smile on you. Even when it’s pouring down with rain and the heavens are angry.

So overall, the move from our northern beaches storage depot to Wollstonecraft went without a hitch, and Gareth and his partner were very happy and said they would definitely use us again. Though (as Gareth pointed out, tongue-in-cheek), “Hopefully not for another ten years!”.

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