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  • The Job: Within complex Balgowlah to Balgowlah.
  • Date: 6th September 2014.
  • Time taken: 5.75 hours.
  • Vehicles used: Ute, Trolley, legs! (old school moving!)
  • Removalist 1: Scott, who goes by the nickname of ‘Polar Bear’.  Has been with us for approximately 13 years and drives our biggest truck, the FSR 700, which is a huge removalist truck at 50 cubic meters! You will not find a more conscientious employee than Scott. An absolute perfectionist, we send Scott to all our top end work as he is incredibly thorough and diligent. Among other removalist jobs headed up for us, Scott has been our point-man for huge $100,000 Sydney removals for clients like Arthur Boyd & Brett Whitely.
  • Removalist 2: Martin. Originally from Epsom Surrey in the UK, but has lived in Sydney since 1994. Follows Crystal Palace in the EPL (a good honest London club) and the mighty Manly Sea eagles locally. Much to the annoyance of his wife and two daughters who are Bunnies fans. Can talk the leg off a chair. Has belonged to Toastmasters (did we mention he likes to talk?) and once claimed a point against 8th dan British Judo legend Neil Adams MBE back in his younger fitter days.
Removalists Balgowlah 1

Removalists Balgowlah 1

Balgowlah Removalists

The rain was pouring down today, which is not the ideal way to be moving people. Fortunately this was a local Balgowlah to Balgowlah move, with a lot of the work being done undercover, so we at least had that going for us!

Our move today was at  ‘The Village’ in Balgowlah, which is a large complex of several apartment buildings under one roof.

The client was going to be moving from one part of the complex to the other, Via elevator lift and walking, so we didn’t need to use any of the big removalist trucks.

When we arrived, Adele came down and found us in the loading area by the lift and we noticed that she is heavily pregnant. To which Martin said, quick as a flash: “Sorry Adele, but we don’t do those sorts of deliveries!”.

The thing with internal moves like this one is that we need several lift keys and swipers to get around. The result is that if misplaced or you end up in a lift with the wrong swiper you get stuck in the lift until it is called by an unsuspecting resident, when the doors opens and they are confronted by a dehydrated removalist and a massive pile of boxes and a load of toys. A fact that is doubly problematic if you don’t happen to handle small confined spaces very well!

With this Balgowlah removalists job the plan was to carry and trolley goods from the apartment down the corridor to the lift. Load the lift, take the items down to the loading bay. Unload the lift, then load the Ute. We then ferry the Ute to the other lift. Load the lift go up to the required level, unload the lift. Then carry all the goods down the corridor and put in the new apartment. Rinse, repeat, until the job is done.

This sort of move is quite finicky, and can be at times frustrating for the lads doing the lifting and carrying. But of course, given that they work for Removalist Sydney Northern Beaches, a company that prides itself on doing every move with a smile, our lads remained chirpy and positive throughout. Something that is doubly important on this kind of job, as there are many residents around on Saturday mornings, and we would like them consider using us when they decide to move.

Adele and her partner Matt, didn’t have any particularly tricky items to move, i.e. piano, snooker table or pinball machine or whatever. Just normal stuff for a normal family. They did however have a small child and small children tend to have a lot of bits and bobs of all different shapes and sizes from Bike and scooters to dolls houses and Lego. (Gosh, there were miles of Lego boxes and boxes!). Oh, and there was also cuddly Shrek that bore an uncanny resemblance to Scott…

Removalists Balgowlah 3 - Scott an Shrek!

Removalists Balgowlah 3 – Scott an Shrek!

To help with all the small kids toys, we even enlisted the help of an abandoned shopping trolley to move these items, which worked out magnificently!

After we had moved everything in we asked Adele if everything was in the right spot we shuffled a few things around and said our goodbyes. As we drove back to the depot the clouds parted and blue skies came out a perfect Saturday morning move.

Removalists Testimonial – Balgowlah – Adele

Client Testimonial:

“The move was efficient, reliable, funny, no stress, thank you! We are moving out of here in about six months I hope its you two who can move me again.”

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