Removalist Brookvale to Avalon

If you’re looking for a removalist in Brookvale or a Removalist in Avalon you’ve come to the right place. Simply call us on (02) 9972 0033 and let us take the stress out of the move for you. Best prices. Best service. And all done with a smile!

  • The Removals Job:  moving from Brookvale to Avalon.
  • Moving Date: 19th July, 2014.
  • Client Name: Lizzie.
  • Time Taken for the move: 4.5 hours.
  • Removals Truck: Isuzu NPR300 6.5 tonne.
  • Weather: Slightly cloudy and a bit chilly.
  • Removalist 1:  Matt. The man of a thousand nicknames! Goes by everything from Dave, Horse, Chat, and Eayore. Possibly the most charismatic depressive you’ve ever met! Highly professional and a born perfectionist. Takes his work very seriously. He’s also a mad Arsenal fan (but nobody is perfect!) and so understands disappointment better than most!
  • Removalist 2: Steve. Known as “Clunsie” striking resemblance to Martin Clunes the actor. Steve has a great happy personality and always makes people around him smile. An Essex boy through and through, he’s a great swimmer and rugby union man who recently became a Dad!
Removals Brookvale to Avalon 1

Removals Brookvale to Avalon 1

Removals Brookvale to Avalon.

Moving the lovely Lizzie further up the Northern Beaches peninsular from Brookvale to Avalon was a fairly straightforward removals job, with the only issue being the distance from the house to the road (as the house was up a slope and a fair old walk from the road itself). That and some tricky stairs up to the front door once your reached the property itself, meant we had a proper workout lugging the furniture out to the removals truck!

When we got to the client’s house around 8 am the customer still wasn’t fully packed, and by her own admission was slightly disorganised. But, no problem, we said! So we chipped in and helped her by doing some packing whilst on site. Moving is a stressful thing to at the best of times, and many hands make light work.

Removals Brookvale to Avalon 2

Removals Brookvale to Avalon 2

Storage Northern Beaches

After the truck was all loaded up we took some goods to the tip, per the client’s instructions (including a rather nice red leather couch!) and then moved approximately 10m3 into storage. We then made an inventory of all the goods we took to storage.

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