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If you’re looking for an interstate removalist then you’ve come to the right place. Australia may be a vast sunburnt country, but Removalist Sydney Northern Beaches specialise in making the tiring long-haul removal trips across interstate lines seem a whole lot shorter, as we quickly and efficiently transport your furniture and belongings from state to state.

We specialise in interstate removal runs from Sydney to Brisbane and from Sydney to Melbourne, usually making weekly trips to these destinations and many of the major towns along the way. All our drivers know the routes like the backs of their hands and take the utmost care to deliver your consignment safely. We’ve spent a lot of years fine-tuning an interstate Australian delivery network that works smoothly and, more importantly, saves you money.

Removalist Sydney Northern Beaches are able to offer you two main options for long-distance removals:

Interstate Removals With Dedicated Truck

Full-service interstate removals with a dedicated truck is the choice of customers who are on a tight schedule and need relatively precise loading and off-loading times. It’s also ideal for those who don’t like the idea of sharing a truck with other consignments, or else have enough furniture and boxes to fill the entire truck themselves.

Once your goods are loaded we will generally head straight off to your new home, per your instructions. Under normal circumstances, off-loading will happen immediately upon arrival at your new home. Interstate removals with a dedicated truck is a little more costly of course, but if budget is not really a major issue, this will no doubt be the ideal option for you. Although as with all our removalist jobs, we will always strive to offer you our usual great value and very competitive rates.

Shared Truck Interstate Removals

Shared Truck or ‘Back Loading’ interstate removals works by loading your furniture and boxes onto an interstate removalist truck which already has other people’s furniture and boxes in it (that are going to the same city, or in the same direction). This is the preferred choice of many Australians moving house every year as it keeps their removal costs down to a minimum.


Due to the more complex logistics involved in shared truck interstate removals, we only ask that you be a little more flexible and patient when it comes to pick-up and delivery times. We will always do our best to give you a firm day for both pick up and delivery of course, but are unable to promise the precise time due to the multiple variables involved. Wherever possible though we will do our best to advise you of either a morning or afternoon pickup or delivery, and you can always call our friendly staff on the day to find out roughly how far away we are should you need to.

Cost of Interstate Removals

How much does interstate removals cost is one of those, ‘How long is a piece of string?’ questions, as it depends on factors such as whether you have a truck to yourself or are ‘back loading’, what exactly you are transporting, are you renting or buying boxes from us, the size of the truck being used, the number of men, and the hours required to facilitate the move from base to base.

For a more exact idea of interstate removal costs, simply prepare a moving inventory of your home’s contents and send it to us. That way we can give you an accurate approximation of final costs.

Also, when booking a truck, let us know if there are any particular access issues (steep steps, waterfront or hillside, how many floors if in an apartment block, parking restrictions etc). Just so we don’t encounter any nasty surprises on moving day.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Interstate Furniture Removals In Sydney, Brisbane, And Melbourne

Man and His Van Interstate Removalists

Man and His Van are your first call for interstate furniture removals to Brisbane and Melbourne from Sydney. And the inverse; Melbourne to Sydney and Brisbane to Sydney. We have over 2 decades experience doing Interstate Removals or backloading. When it comes to a more complicated long distance move choose a cross-country expert for peace of mind.

For further information, a quote, or to make a booking, contact Man and His Van Interstate Removalists today Call: 02-9971 2140 or via email here.

Moving Interstate: Sydney to Melbourne | Sydney to Brisbane 

The Man and His Van Interstate Removals Service can organise your removal to Brisbane & Melbourne from Sydney. We also cover nearly all the major destinations in between.

Moving Interstate: Melbourne to Sydney | Brisbane to Sydney

The Man and His Van Interstate Removals Service can also organise your removal to Sydney from Brisbane & Melbourne. And we also cover nearly all the major destinations in between.

Interstate Removalist Service Options

The Man and His Van Interstate Removals services can be divided into two options:

  • Full Service Interstate Removal
  • Interstate Back-Loading

Option 1 – Full-Service Interstate Removal – Dedicated Long Distance Moving Truck

With the full-service we move your goods only. No other consignments are moved with your goods. With this option we are able to give you firm times for loading and off-loading. Once your goods are loaded we will generally head straight off to the new destination. Off-loading at the new house will usually be the next day.

Option 2 – Interstate Back-Loading – Shared Truck National Moving

Man and his Van offers interstate ‘back loading’ to Brisbane and Melbourne.

Interstate backloading is the cheaper and most popular method of interstate moving. Your goods will be packed along with other consignments going to the same area. Occasionally, to keep the price lower, we will share a large interstate truck with other reputable Sydney based companies.

With interstate back-loading we can normally give a firm day but not a firm time for pick-up or delivery. The best we can do is morning or afternoon – and sometimes only a firm pick up day. Also, with interstate backloading a large articulated truck is used, so please let us know if the access will be difficult.

As a general rule of thumb interstate back loading is about half the price of a full service move. Interstate back loading should only be used if you are totally flexible with your loading and delivery time and if the access is reasonable. Unfortunately, deliveries into the Melbourne CBD have become too difficult for interstate back loading.

Interstate Removalist Quotations – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

For any interstate furniture removals around the centres of Brisbane and Melbourne we will be pleased to provide a quotation based on the inventory provided.

For details on interstate removal insurance see our removals insurance page.

For further information, a quote, or to make a booking, contact Man and His Van Interstate Removalists today Call: 02-9971 2140 or via email here.

Sydney Storage Required while you are Moving Interstate?

Man and His Van Interstate Removalists also offer four storage facilities in Sydney. We can also refer you to trusted and reliable storage service providers in Melbourne and Brisbane. Just give us a call to discuss your needs – no matter how complicated your logistics are we can help and advise you relative to your requirements.

Our storage options are for short, medium & long term time frames – all at very competitive prices. We also provide insurance for storage. Click here for further Sydney Storage Information.