When someone copies you, or imitates you, there’s a better than even chance that what you’ve been doing must be working. After all, why would anyone copy you if what you’d been doing was shoddy, overpriced, unprofessional or unsuccessful?

Immitation Pic

The answer of course is that they wouldn’t. Which must mean that, by extension, the more people who copy you, the better you are at whatever it is you’re doing. Indeed, who doesn’t like a bit of flattery by way of imitation from time to time? As individuals we often inwardly smile when someone copies something we do (or have done). Be it the guy at work who starts doing his presentations like you do, as he thinks it’ll make him look more professional in the eyes of the boss. Or the woman at the gym who copies your outfit because you look so good in it. Or the neighbour who buys the same model four wheel drive as you, in the exact same colour, all because of how good it looks in your driveway, and because of all those stories they’ve heard about you taking the kids to remote beaches on the weekend that no one else can get too.

Heck, even Mahatma Gandhi got in his two cents worth (about 9.74 rupees, as you’re asking) on the flattery by way of imitation bandwagon:

“Imitation is the sincerest (form of) flattery.”

Imitation and Trademark Infringement in Business

Imitation in a personal sense may be all well and good. Because in a personal sense it’s usually pretty benign. But in a business sense, it is a completely different matter. Because in business this ‘flattery’ by way of imitation is actually a subtle form of identity theft and trademark infringement. And when another company blatantly copies you or tries to ‘rip off’ your brand name and business model just because you are a successful company, it is far from benign.

As Abraham Lincoln himself once pointed out:

“Knavery and flattery are blood relations.”

Plus, if the amount of ‘copycats’ and wannabes we’ve encountered down through the years are anything to go by, then Man and His Van must be the greatest removalists in Australian history, as barely a month goes by with another one crawling out of the woodwork!

Man and His Van – Northern Beaches Removalists for Over 20 Years

Removalists Northern Beaches

You know Man and His Van Removalists. You’ve seen our trucks driving up and down the Northern Beaches and the North Shore (and indeed all over Sydney) for over 20 years. But what about those other removalist companies with names deceptively similar to ours?  How many people in Sydney have actually wanted to book their move with Man and His Van, but – misremembering the name – (as it might have been a few years since they last moved), they type the wrong variant into Google…and voila! They find the wannabe instead of the original and book them for their move rather that the company they were actually looking for?

Sure, this ‘misunderstanding’ is great for the companies who are riding on our coattails. But it’s not so good for those people who are expecting the Man and His Van experience, the Man and His Van quality, and the Man and His Van peace of mind that their valuable possessions are in the safest and most experienced hands possible.

So next time you move, always make sure that it’s actually Man and His Van you’re on the phone to. Not one of the hundreds of cheap imitations that have flooded the market.

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