Man & His Van is an AFRA removalist in Sydney

Man and His Van is AFRA compliant, which makes the company fully accredited to arrange transit insurance for your storage and removal. Certain minimum standards are set by AFRA Code of Conduct which ensures that its members provide their clients with satisfactory services.

As an AFRA compliant removalist service provider, Man and His Van abides by its code of conduct:

Removalists Dealing with the Client

(a) Quotations must be on approved stationery.

(b) The conditions of the contract used must be the AFRA Contract or a contract approved by AFRA.

(c) A client has to be offered insurance and they have to be informed about the specifics of the insurance terms prior to the provision of services.

Establishment requirements

AFRA compliant companies must maintain a workplace with a public access. The office has to be suitable and adequate for the services a company provides.


(a) AFRA compliant members will employ staff capable of conducting the services provided.

(b) AFRA compliant removalists are expected to organise programs for enriching staff knowledge and skills.


(a) Vehicles used for the provision of services have to be adequate and maintained in accordance with legislation standards – they are to be fully enclosed and maintained clean, externally and internally.

(b) AFRA compliant member must use only equipment and materials which are in sound condition, appropriate for the services provided and can meet relevant safety, health and occupational standards.


Members will maintain adequate insurances in respect of potential claims against them including:

(a) Flood, fire and collision

(b) Public liability;

(c) A property of a third party property damaged by a motor vehicle.

(d) Overturning insurance


(a) The AFRA compliant member agrees to do respond promptly to any complaint they receive from a client.

(b) When a complaint is made by a client or another AFRA compliant member, the member has to inform the Association within 14 working days and promise to fully cooperate with the Association.

If the dispute between two AFRA compliant members or a member and a client occurs, the member has to recognise that Association has the final say in the dispute.

Security Bond

Each AFRA compliant member agrees to maintain and procure a bank guarantee, for each region, in favour of the Association.

Collaboration with the Association

(a) If an AFRA compliant member makes changes to their facilities and/or services, they are obliged to inform the Association.

(b) The AFRA compliant member is obliged to participate in activities and meetings organised by the Association.

(c) The Association has to conduct an audit on every compliant member at the end of the first 1-year membership, and thereafter every 4 years.

(d) The member will present notice informing of their Association membership and will therefore show that they are bound by the Code of Conduct terms.

Dealings with Other AFRA Compliant Members

The AFRA compliant member must cooperate with other members at all times, especially in the event of unforeseen emergencies and difficulties, which would otherwise affect and lower the quality of the services provided.


The Member will not advertise the services they do not provide and will not in any way engage in misleading or false advertising activities.

Industrial Obligations

The AFRA compliant member will comply with all relevant industrial relations obligations at all times, such as collective or individual workplace agreements, relevant industrial awards, and all relevant Commonwealth or State statutes for issues related to employment, including but not limited to workers compensation, superannuation, occupational safety and health, equal employment opportunity and employment protection.

Man and His Van
6/91-93 Old Pittwater Road
Sydney, NSW 2100